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I don't know about anyone else, but I was extremely disappointed. The acts, when I went, were very good, and I was excited to see Elena Lev, but the over all concept was lackluster and too much story was trying to be smashed into a undefined plot.

The venue was also terrible. The stage was tiny!!!!!!!! You lost sight of the Russian Bar act flyers half the time! Big kudos for figuring out the trick skating, boards and bikes on that space but the rest of the acts suffered greatly from it. It diminished their accomplishments because it eliminated almost all sense of depth, and height. The ceiling was so low, it was boarder claustrophobic. They need to find a better venue. A larger venue. Also they should post a warning, its very cold in the venue. I like it cold but I know the temperature was a bit much for most of the guests around me.

The music, please, never EVER hire that lyricist again. In fact, AVOID ENGLISH, at all costs in the future. If you can't, hire a better writer, even for children, the writing was overly simplified and insulting to a child's intelligence. Also, space constrains lead to the use of a recorded sound track, which would be so bothersome, if the sound cues had been on time.

I can not see this show surviving another three years in NYC, or even to the end of this season! This is all very disappointing, because I have been waiting for a resident show to come to the NYC metro area and this will now reflect badly on both Cirque, because of the multitude of people who are first seeing Cirque at this show in the city, and on NYC for its ability to host said show and bring in the revenue that makes it possible. I am an avid fan, and if this had been my first experience, I would doubtfully ever drop the money to return.

I'm glad I waited to bring my family, usually I go first, so I can have an excuse to go a second time and bring them...this time I'm glad I won't be going back.

Not to diminish the performers, they were, as always, excellent, it was just a terrible venue, and some very bad decision making on the conceptual end.

I hope Kooza will rescue my faith in Cirque! I had absolutely wonderful experiences at Dralion, Quidam, and Varekai I would hate for it to end!!!

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