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Date:2011-03-29 14:53
Subject:CirqueCon 2011 is on!

Greetings, Passionates! CirqueCon is on the go again, this time to Hollywood (that's Los Angeles, California, USA)! We’ve updated our website, http://www.cirquecon.com with all the latest info. The Highlights:

WHEN ARE WE GOING? - Our weekend is December 1-4, 2011.
WHAT ARE WE DOING? - Seeing IRIS, the new resident Cirque show!! Gathering with old and new friends! Who knows, we might even have some “Cirque-sponsored activities” – you never know.
HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? - Memberships are $20.00 ($21.00 PayPal).

SHOW TICKETS: Cirque du Soleil has graciously offered us a special price on exclusive tickets for our "Official" show Friday, December 2, 2011 at 8:00pm (2000h):
Category 1 - "Orchestra Center", main floor lower center section - and "Orchestra Right", main floor lower right section - USD $99.00 (Regular price of $123.00) AND
Category 2 - "Parterre Center", main floor upper center section - USD $75.00 (Regular price of $93.00)
(Service fees and delivery charges apply. A diagram showing our seat locations can be found at < http://www.cirquecon.com/2011/seat.pdf >. )

OFFICIAL HOTEL: A historic, family-run facility that offers a great mix of room types, atmosphere and a great rate. Our special rate features an upgrade to an Executive Suite with two queen beds and full kitchen for USD $119.00 per night.
Highland Gardens Hotel, 7047 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028

You must be a member of CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood! to take advantage of these offers. More information is on our website, http://www.cirquecon.com (and see what fun we had at our other events there, too). I’ll update this thread as we get more confirmed.

We welcome everyone!

-Keith Johnson, Part of the CirqueCon 2011: Hollywood! Team
www.cirquecon.com Hollywood@cirquecon.com

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Date:2010-04-12 18:39
Subject:Mystere summary?
Mood: crazy

Does anybody have a good synopsis of Mystere? I don't care about spoilers.

(Also, I LOVE Brian Le Petit! He's so mischievous!)

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Date:2010-03-31 21:00
Subject:Newbie, and a Cirque beginner!
Mood: bored

Hey all!

My name is Jessica, but you might know me as Ignatz on The Cirque Tribune. I'm just a Cirque beginner. I haven't seen ANY Cirque shows. That's right. NONE. But I know so much about them, so that's why I'm here.

Don't worry. I don't bite.

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Date:2009-06-19 15:08
Subject:Cirque du Soleil Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Cirque du Soleil, which has grown into one of Canada's best-known cultural exports, is celebrating its 25th anniversary all around the world. This year Cirque du Soleil has reclaimed its Guinness world record for the most number of people simultaneously walking on stilts, to mark its silver anniversary.

For example, almost 900 people have gathered in Moscow to walk on stilts. Everyone could take part in this funny flash mob! The stilt walkers (1926 in total) also gathered in Montreal, Orlando, Las Vegas, Lisbon, Macau, Tokyo and Fortaleza.


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Date:2009-04-07 22:47

I've posted some Cirque du Soleil icons over here.

Photobucket Photobucket

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Date:2008-10-21 19:39

You are a fun loving person who enjoys new experiences with friends and family. Full of life, your creative side is often expressed in the things you see and do, which is why Mystère, at Treasure Island, is a perfect fit for you. A high-energy production that combines jaw dropping acrobatics and dramatic dance with vibrant costumes and sets, Mystère will thrill and mesmerize audiences as every performance reveals something new and extraordinary!

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Date:2008-05-08 23:43
Subject:Aerial silks

Hello fellow cirqians! Been wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to aerial silks. Can anyone recommend a fabric that doesn't cost a lot? Preferably it would drape well and look nice. What I do is just knot the cloth to the beams of a Black Box ceiling where the spotlights are attached (don't worry, it's very stable). If anyone can also advise me on how to construct it, I'd be grateful. I don't need anything fancy rigging, like the Aerial Pas De Deux act in Dralion where the silks spin around the stage.... just the cloth dangling from the ceiling.

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Date:2008-04-23 15:07
Subject:CirqueCon Tokyo Ticket Deadline Approaching

Greetings, Passionates! Time is running out to reserve tickets for our "official" show performance during CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo! (Friday, November 7, 2008 at 7:30pm)

The deadline for reserving tickets is 11:59pm Pacific Time on SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2008. We will then find out the total price and exchange rate and advise our ticket reservers how much they owe. Purchasers will then have until 11:59pm Pacific Time on MONDAY, MAY 12, 2008 to pay for them (via check or PayPal).

Check out the details and approximate pricing at the "Show Tickets" page of the www.cirquecon.com website. Note that you must be a member to take advantage of our special ticket offer.

-Keith Johnson
CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo!

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Date:2008-03-11 23:15
Subject:Cirque Moodtheme

I've been using a Cirque moodset for awhile, and realized that I'd never uploaded it for sharing purposes (or if I did, I lost the post >.>). It includes pictures from nearly every show up through KA, and I'm generally pretty happy with how it turned out (as always, a few are almost kind of random/might only make sense to me).

Over here for the links at dammitliz

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Date:2008-02-16 04:23
Subject:need help with make up technique

Does anyone know how I can get the smooth white texture of Cirque makeup? Or what kind of makeup they even use? For me, I use a white face/body paint as a base (it comes in a 200ml jar) and coloured crayon-like sticks to draw/blend. I suspect the crayon sticks are oil-based, but I could be wrong. They are very soft. 

I got very frustrated because I couldn't get the white makeup very smooth. The way Cirque does it, they apply a thin layer of white on the face, such that the colour of the skin shows through. How do I do that? The only way I can get a smooth look is to apply layers and layers, such that the end result is totally white. Which I don't like. I want it to blend in smoothly with the skin.

Anyway, here's my painted face and the steps I took to get it behind the LJ-cut.

Any advice? or helpful criticism? much appreciated!


cross-posted to
cirque, cirques and facepainting


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Date:2008-02-07 16:45


Come join and express yourself through the art of miming, clowning, dancing, street performing.. anything you want. Showcase your work, costumes, makeup.. etc. If you've never done it before, then this is the place to get started.


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Date:2008-01-18 11:17
Subject:CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo! has a date

Greetings, Passionates! CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo! is pleased to announce our dates.

WHEN ARE WE GOING? - Our weekend is from Thursday, November 6, 2008 to Sunday, November 9, 2008.
OUR "OFFICIAL" SHOW? - Will be on Friday, November 7, starting at 7:30pm (1930h).

WHAT ARE WE DOING? - Visiting Japan!! Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea!! A new resident Cirque show!! Gathering with old and new friends in a far-away place! Who knows, we might even have some "Cirque-sponsored activities" - you never know.
HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? - Memberships are $20.00 ($21.00 PayPal). A note on vacation budgeting is on our FAQ page.
MAILING LIST? - You can receive all the latest info first by sending your email address to Tokyo@cirquecon.com.

Up next on our agenda is getting a block of show tickets and finding some hotel rooms (a theater seating diagram and hotel candidate info is on our updated website). I’ll update this thread as we get more confirmed.

-Keith Johnson
Part of the CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo! team

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Date:2007-11-15 11:46
Mood: disappointed

I don't know about anyone else, but I was extremely disappointed. The acts, when I went, were very good, and I was excited to see Elena Lev, but the over all concept was lackluster and too much story was trying to be smashed into a undefined plot.

The venue was also terrible. The stage was tiny!!!!!!!! You lost sight of the Russian Bar act flyers half the time! Big kudos for figuring out the trick skating, boards and bikes on that space but the rest of the acts suffered greatly from it. It diminished their accomplishments because it eliminated almost all sense of depth, and height. The ceiling was so low, it was boarder claustrophobic. They need to find a better venue. A larger venue. Also they should post a warning, its very cold in the venue. I like it cold but I know the temperature was a bit much for most of the guests around me.

The music, please, never EVER hire that lyricist again. In fact, AVOID ENGLISH, at all costs in the future. If you can't, hire a better writer, even for children, the writing was overly simplified and insulting to a child's intelligence. Also, space constrains lead to the use of a recorded sound track, which would be so bothersome, if the sound cues had been on time.

I can not see this show surviving another three years in NYC, or even to the end of this season! This is all very disappointing, because I have been waiting for a resident show to come to the NYC metro area and this will now reflect badly on both Cirque, because of the multitude of people who are first seeing Cirque at this show in the city, and on NYC for its ability to host said show and bring in the revenue that makes it possible. I am an avid fan, and if this had been my first experience, I would doubtfully ever drop the money to return.

I'm glad I waited to bring my family, usually I go first, so I can have an excuse to go a second time and bring them...this time I'm glad I won't be going back.

Not to diminish the performers, they were, as always, excellent, it was just a terrible venue, and some very bad decision making on the conceptual end.

I hope Kooza will rescue my faith in Cirque! I had absolutely wonderful experiences at Dralion, Quidam, and Varekai I would hate for it to end!!!


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Date:2007-10-01 13:53
Subject:CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo

Greetings, Passionates! After our fantastic weekend at La Nouba in Orlando, CirqueCon is off to Japan! We’ve updated our website, www.cirquecon.com with what we know right now. More to come as we get closer.

The Highlights:
WHEN ARE WE GOING? - We are currently looking toward Autumn, 2008, with our initial focus on early November, no earlier than November 1, 2008.
WHAT ARE WE DOING? – Visiting Japan!! Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea!! A new resident Cirque show!! Gathering with old and new friends in a far-away place! Who knows, we might even have some “Cirque-sponsored activities” – you never know.
WHY? – You need to ask??
HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? – Memberships are $20.00 ($21.00 PayPal). A note on vacation budgeting is on our FAQ page.

More information (including a bunch of Japan tourism links) is at the website, www.cirquecon.com.

I’ll update this thread as we get more confirmed.

-Keith Johnson
Part of the CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo! team

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Date:2007-05-20 16:24
Mood: bouncy

We just saw Kooza in Montréal. Absolutely fantastic! Really enjoyed it. Lots of fun. Varekai is still my fave but Kooza is way up there.

Go see it!

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Date:2007-05-06 22:30
Subject:Sanca De Mayo Show

Seattle's School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts Sanca De Mayo performace pictures (all Taken by me, sorry for the soft focus on some of them, it's hard to manually focus while shooting fast moving stuff)

Entire Set available on flickr available here: Sanca De Mayo Set

My favorites behind the cutCollapse )

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Date:2007-04-12 18:01

Anyone else going to see Kooza in Montreal? I am and I'm excited ... well, at least it's still not being called CIRQUE 2007.

I have an extra ticket I'm selling for cheap if anyone is interested. & you don't have to sit next to me. ;)

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Date:2007-03-16 04:14
Subject:Zumanity! need help!

Hello guys! I'm looking for tracks from Zumanity during some performances:
Hula Hoops (the girl in school uniform)
Dance on TV (striptease near the Tv-set)
Straps (red-haired woman
and Tissus (aerial duet)
I have listened to Zumanity soundtrack but I didn't recognize these tracks on it! :((
I someone can help me I will be very grateful!!!!!!

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Date:2007-03-15 23:08
Subject:Mixed bag
Mood: worried

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